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gravity don't mean that much to me

a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight

the dreamer
25 February
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. Who am I? .

I am (currently) a graduate student, going after my MA in English literature and hoping to eventually get a PhD. Dreams? Teach college, terrorize freshman, spend the rest of my life researching and writing about things I love. Alternate plans? Astronaut. Or Disney character.

I love writing, I RP and though I have not written any prose in the last five or six years, I'm hoping to get back into that now that I have returned to LJ. This place was an amazing jumping point for me, and hopefully the community will be just as inspirational as it was then. I really enjoy graphic design and frequently play around in Photoshop and InDesign. I cannot take ANY credit for this layout, it is by nutty_musings. Their work is gorgeous! Someday I'll get back into coding, too...

. This Journal .

I've actually had this blog for quite a long time, but after a few-year sporadic absence, I'm deciding to take it up again. I once used it as a way to connect with people all over the world and as a place to find inspiration and share my work - I'm hoping for it to become the same awesome and useful tool it was before? And it's yet another way for those I care about to keep up with the things I'm doing.

. Credit .

This is a wonderful layout that I made using the profile generator at Nutty Musings. However, all of the pictures in the banner were taken by yours truly, please don't just take them.

I have endeavored to credit all the makers of my icons but if you see me use one that is yours and I don't have it credited, please just let me know and I will fix that immediately! I recovered some of them from my back-up drive and forgot to save the username of the person that made them!

. Profile Info by NuttyMusings .